call on mrs Stephenson with M(ary) J(ane) 16.9.1805 / 22.9.1805 Tho Stephenson at tea / 14.1.1806 Stephenson, Beresford & 2 Rowans dine / 28.3.1806 G(race) M(ary) C(ooper) and F Rowan dine; adv Stephenson  / 15.12.1806 call on Thos Stephenson / 4.6.1807 G(race) M(ary) C(ooper) & 3 Stephensons & Jno Turner dine / 25.9.1835 Sir B Stephenson calls, invisible
See also my entry for Stevenson, though one place where the two were possibly confused was meet Stevenson on 14.9.1805 two days before the call on mrs Stephenson above (Godwin had noted no Stevenson since 1802 and no Stephenson at all before 1805). The six day interval before Thomas Stephenson came to tea suggests he was related to the mrs Stephenson of the first entry above. There may also have been some connection with the Rowans and/or with Grace Mary Cooper. Thomas Stephenson son of William & Elizabeth born 12.1.1791 bapt 20.2.1791 St John Clerkenwell would have been 14, which would be quite probable except perhaps for the "call on" entry. See Godwin's letter to his wife dated 5.6.1806 (Bodleian MS Abinger c.42 f.23) which suggests Stephenson was a potential guest at Charles Clairmont's 11th birthday party the day before. Holdens 1811 Mr Wm Stephenson 6 Church Row Pancras. William Stephenson of 1 Suffolk Mews Middlesex hospital voted for Byng & Burdett in the Middlesex election of 1802 on a freehold in Edgware Rd. SunFire 1825 Thomas Stephenson 24 Devonshire-st Queen-sq solicitor. (Thomas Stephenson jr otp bach = 20.9.1804 at Lambeth by lic Marianne Cattley of Wandsworth sp wits Stephen & Frances Cattley. Holdens 1811 Thomas Stephenson Esq 22 Dover Place New Kent Rd Newington,)
The entry of 1835 must have been Benjamin Charles Stephenson surveyor general of the Board of Works and Major General in the Hanoverian service, in 1827 executor of Duke of York's will, died 10.6.1839 in 73rd year buried 15.6.1839. Three days before the above entry on 22.9.1835 he had been according to the newspapers, with the King (William IV) in Bagshot Park