Sterling, Joseph

2.7.1789 Stirling at Billingsgate with Robinson &c. / Sterling at Holcroft's 13.7.1794. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1789 and in 1794 version. 
Joseph Sterling DNB fl 1765-1794. Sterling's poems were published in Dublin in 1781 by Luke White, in London in 1794 by T Payne, and in London in 1789 by Robinson, so three of his publishers were present at this dinner. He lived chiefly in Ireland but his presence in London in 1794 coincided with the publication of his Odes there. George Cecil of Dublin was his uncle, published his first work and left him a legacy.


Work notes: 
Boyle's 1792 Capt Sterling 5 Brianston St Law List 1798 Thomas Stirling 29 Northumberland St Strand dep. clerk of peace for Middlesex