Steven 1.1.1803 at Philips
Possibly James Stephen DNB 1758-1832 but as a Clapham Sect slavery abolitionist would perhaps not have been at Richard Phillips more radical gathering. His War in Disguise was published in 1805 and sold by Hatchard and by Butterworth, more establishment booksellers. The name Steven so spelt was not entirely uncommon in London, though much commoner in Scotland, in PCC wills there were John Steven Lt RN 1803 (proved 22.3), William Steven tailor of Charing Cross 1808 (voted Fox & Tooke 1796, Fox & Gardner 1802, Hood 1806), Margaret Steven widow of Westminster 1812, and Robert Steven gent of Shacklewell 1829 (probably the leather factor of 129 Upper Thames St who served on several charitable committees in 1790s and 1800s)