Stewart-Mackenzie, James Alexander

HCR diary 8.7.1834 "I went to the National Gallery, where I met by appointment Miss Mackenzie. Mr Stewart Mackenzie and Lady Charlotte Proby were there and we together admired the Corregios - I afterwards accompanied the ladies to Aders' Gallery"
Stewart Mackenzie, James Alexander (1784-1843) in History of Parliament (1820-1832) who added the name Mackenzie to that of Stewart when he became the second husband of Mary Elizabeth Frederica Stewart-Mackenzie (DNB 1783-1862) whose mother Mary née Proby was first cousin to John Joshua Proby (DNB 1751-1828) whose eldest daughter by his second marriage was Lady Charlotte Proby, born 10.2.1788 and died 23.1.1860. Miss Mackenzie was likely a sister of Stewart Mackenzie's wife, there were two unmarried and alive in 1834, the Hon Frances Catherine Mackenzie born c1786 died at Rome 24.2.1840 (Charter 15.3.1840) her will PCC 1848 and the Hon Augusta Anne Mackenzie born c1794 died at Edinburgh 16.3.1856 (Bury & Norwich Post 26.3.1856). Stewart Mackenzie was a whig MP 1831-1837, then Governor of Ceylon 1837-1840 and Lord High Connissioner to the Ionian Isles 1840-1843. He made his will PCC 1843 at Messina and died 24.9.1843 at Southampton