Stimson, Matthew

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale pages 121, 123-5
Matthew Stimson bach = St Giles Cripplegate 9.11.1763 martha Amery sp botp
Martha Ann Stimson born 29.7.1767 bapt 6.8.1767 Endell St Lying-in Hospital dau of Matthew age 27 swordcutter & Martha discharged 13.8.1767 recommender Catherine Macaulay
Martha bapt 20.2.1774 St Sepulchre dau of Matthew Stimson & Martha
Mary Ann Stimson born 22.12.1775 bapt 14.1.1776 St Sepulchre dau of Matthew Stimson & Martha
Matthew Stimson broker Fleet Lane SunFire 1780
City of London sessions 7.1.1781 Sarah Swiston servant to Matthew Stimson & Martha
City of London coroners jury 19.12.1788 Matthew Stimson
St Thomas' Hospital a patient admitted 31.12.1789 by Matthew Stimson  26 Fleet Lane
Martha Stimson age 26 from Fleet Lane bur 25.8.1793 St Sepulchre
Matthew Stimson age 53 from Fleet Lane bur 13.9.1793 St Sepulchre
Annie born 26.2.1796 bapt 5.9.1796 St Sepulchre dau of Matthew Stimson & Annie
Francis Spriggs bach (dyer) = St Giles Camberwell 19.4.1797 Mary Ann Stimson sp botp banns wits Jas Payn. Mattw Stimson
Martha Stimson age 56 from Fleet Lane bur 25.7.1797 St Sepulchre
Matthew born 9.12.1798 bapt 25.12.1798 St Sepulchre son of Matthew & Annie
William Eales bach (stagecoach owner) = St George Martyr, Southwark 9.10.1814 Anna Stimson sp