Stavin 26.5.1789 at Timothy Hollis' & Stovin 18.5.1790, 13..1790,, 24.8.1790, 7.9.1790 there.
The first Stavin looks like an error for Stovin given the similar context. Stavin is also a very rare name though there was one John Sparrow Stavin. Best candidate for Stovin is George Stovin appr to Henry Atkinson attorney of Ripon Yorks 1777; 9.5.1788 George Stovin Esq of Newark, Notts bach marr Diana Sabine sp otp by lic at St Marylebone, wits Anna Maria Lawes, H Michell, John Wylde; 1792 Charles Beckett & John A Baumbach appr to George Stovin attorney of Thornhaugh St, Bedford Sq; Law List 1792 attorney, Lord Mayor's Court office, London; died Aug 1802 at his house 22 Percy St, Bedford Sq, will PCC 1802 all to wife Diana.

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George Stovin appr 1790 to Peake & Harvey, chemists Haymarket Miss Stovin of Whitgift Hall subscr 1790 to Rev Geo Walker's Sermons