Strafford & Leland

Asks of R C; talks of Strafford & Leland 30.7.1800 at Grattan's
From the entry of the night before, these subjectless verbs probably referred to Grattan. R C is uncoded (neither identified nor unidentified) on GD website. At a reasonable guess it may have referred to John Philpot Curran's eldest son Richard, whom Godwin may have seen more recently than Grattan had (see Curran, Richard). Leland probably referred to Thomas Leland DNB 1722-1785 whose History of Ireland Godwin had looked at on 27.7.1800 and was to read further in the next few days, and Strafford to Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford 1583-1641 who had been Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. The above entry was the only instance of "ask", "asks" or "asked" in the whole of Godwin's diary, and "talks" was one of only 6 instances in the whole diary as against 434 instances of "talk"