Street, Thomas George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas George Street of 4, Cowley St, Westminster proposed member 4.11.1792 by Joseph Gerrald 2nded Joseph Jennings
GODWIN DIARY: 25.11.1794 at Parr's / 26.11.1794 at Mackintosh's / 5.3.1796 at Parr's / 19.4.1800 again / 31.10.1801 at D Stuart's (wrongly transcribed as Sheet in GD website).
Editor of the Courier. His poem Aura the Slave was published 1788 and the first volume of his History of the Reign of Lewis the Sixteenth, dedicated to Samuel Parr, in 1794. The other two projected volumes never appeared and according to Parr this was because he "after being a republican, became an apostate; and by defending the opinions he once opposed, he made a large fortune" (Allibone), though in 1796 J S Jordan published his letter to Edmund Burke defending the Duke of Bedford from Burke's criticisms. He voted for Tooke in 1796 at Cowley St  Westminster and his address was 9 Crosby Row Walworth in 1798 (SunFire) which he used as a publication address for the Courier newspaper in 1799-1800, but his address was Scotland Yard from 1802 when he voted  for Byng & Burdett in the Middlesex election (on a freehold house in Knightsbridge) and for Fox & Gardner in Westminster, and in 1806 he voted for Paull. By 1808 he also had an address in Kilburn and by 1815 his town house was 1 Adelphi Terrace.
T G Street was the son of Thomas Street PCC 8.11.1796 of St James Palace, 1st Yeoman of the Confectionery in the Royal Household (wife Sarah, son Thomas George of Cowley St, son George late of Gt Newport St chemist, dau Ann wife of Richard Jellicoe, dau Sarah Jane, sister Jane Smith, Sarah Bazil Street dau of son T G Street) Thomas Street senior voted Fox 1784 Townsend 1788 and Hood 1790
Thomas Henry son of Thomas George & Mary Street was baptised at St Mary Newington 8.9.1797 (born 7.8). There are two marriages of Thomas George Street widower, one in 1805 and one in 1814, they are probably both his, though there was at least one other contemporary called Thomas George Street, whose will PCC 12.10.1821 of Calcutta mentioned his wife Ann living in England. On 29.12.1805 at St Giles in the Fields he married Jane Douglas Gardiner and on 9.7.1814 at St Anne Soho he married Jane Franklin a minor (witnesses A Franklin, EHFranklin, Sarah Franklin) daughter of the journalist  Andrew Franklin. She died 29.9.1822 in her 28th year, wife of T G Street of Kilburn. In 1823 Andrew Franklin insured his house in Dean Street, Soho in trust for Thomas George Street, a minor (Sun Fire). On 20.12.1842 Rosalie eldest daughter of the late Thomas George Street was married. The will PCC 24.12.1845 of Thomas George Street was probably of his son by Jane Franklin.