HCR diary 29.1.1829 at Naylor's, Hammersmith "an old German, a musical instrument maker from Gotha, Stumpf, a twaddling old man but seemingly a good creature and most zealous for the honour of his country"
                      2.2.1829 call from Strumpf
                    21.3.1832 Strumpf "I accompanied him to the Aders"
Johan Andreas Stumpf harp maker to His Majesty, London. Marquardt II p 323 & 529-532 & n 56. 44 Great Portland St from 1816. In 1841 census his age given as 60. His will PCC dated 22.5.1846 proved 19.3.1847 Johann Andreas Stumpff harp and pianoforte maker mentioned brother Johann George Stumpff of Ruhla in Dukedom of Saxe Coburg Gotha & Wimar his son Johan Christopher, late sisters Gertrude Gossell & Christina Katterfeld, execs Carl Ludwig Farnig tinplate worker of Watling St London & Thomas Martin pianoforte maker of London St, Tottenham Ct Rd