Sturch, Miss

HCR diary 5.6.1845 "A letter from Mrs Aders in which she mentions Mrs Reid. This led me to call on Miss Sturch to whom I told the whole of Mrs Aders history which she received with no prudery whatever"
                  19.1.1846 "called on Miss Sturch not seen for a long time - I told her of Mrs Reid's kindness to Mrs Aders"
Mary Myrtilla Sturch born 16.1.1788 died 20.5.1869 unmarried. Her sister Elizabeth Jesser Reid (DNB 1789-1866), their father William Sturch (DNB 1753-1838 QV* in SCI dtatset) who married their mother Elizabeth Jesser (1759/60-1841) at St John Hackney on 19.9.1786, wits Wm Jesser, M. Myrtilla Jesser sr and jr. (Her grandmother was born Mary Myrtilla Dove)