Sturch, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sturch of Stanhope St, Clare Market, ironmonger proposed member 9.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen. Proposed again 6.4.1792. Transmitted tracts to Mr Christie of Montrose
GODWIN DIARY: Sturch 30.4.1799 at Joseph Johnson's / 16.9.1801 again / 16.3.1803 again / 12.5.1807 again / 11.9.1807 again / 24.7.1809 call on / 30.11.1809 again / 29.12.1809 at Johnson's funeral / 2.6.1814 M(arshall) from Sturch
William Sturch DNB 1753-1838. Mentioned in A Liberal Publisher as friend of Joseph Johnson's. GD website has mistranscribed the entry on 16.3.1803 as Storch. See my entry for Sturch, Miss in Crabb Robinson diary dataset. Voted Wray in Westminster 1784, Fox in 1802, Paull in 1896 and Burdett & Romilly in 1818, as ironmonger of Stanhope St. Married Elizabeth eldest dau of William Jesser at St John Hackney on 19.9.1786, Subscr 1786 to J B Pike's sermons. Socy for Encouragement of Arts Manufactures Commerce 1786. Subscr 1788 to Lardner's Works, 1790 to Robinson's History of Baptism, 1796 to Crabb's Sermons. World 21.11.1792 he made 5gns subscr to France and was on the committee to carry it out, but Christopher Hull on 28.5.1794 told the Privy Council that Sturch withdrew on issue of French subscription (Nat Arch TS 11/963). See John Rae (QV*) for Sturch's motion to expel him 14.12.1792. Steward of Revolution Socy dinner 4.11.1793. Sent letter of resignation to SCI citing inability to attend 2.12.1793. Steward of Tooke's Westminster election dinner 28.6.1796. Overseer of the Poor St Clement Danes parish 18.2.1797. Morning Post 20.12.1797 chaired meeting of parish of St Clement Danes against tax increases. Cobbett's Register 23.12.1809 on committee to support G L Wardle in his enquiry into the Duke of York. Morn Post 2.3.1815 chaired St Clement Danes meeting on Corn Laws. Morn Chrom 1.1.1818 on committee to support William Hone. Old Bailey 15.1.1817 William Sturch and his partners, his son William Jesser Sturch and James Boobyer, robbed. Royal Academy 1822 his portrait by Phillips shown.Morn Post 12.5.1826 sub £10 to distressed manufacturers. Examiner 4.6.1826 sub £20 to Waithman's election expenses.