Sturt, Eliza Bizarre

Danvers& miss Sturt 5.2.1798 at (John) K(in)gs / 26.4.1798 again / 8.10.1798 again. (In Godwin's 1796 list E Sturt) / 15.10.1798 adv miss Sturt at King's / 27.10.1798 Danvers & E Sturt at King's / 7.11.1798 again / 19.12.1798 again / 21.6.1799 again / 25.5.1800 again / 4.1.1807 Danvers's & mrs & miss Sturt at (John) King's / 12.6.1802 meet Lanesborough, SM, EBD / 10.1.1807 Danverses & Sturts at (John) King's / 18.1.1807 Danvers's & 2 Sturts at (John) King's
Because E Sturt appeared on Godwin's 1796 list after Pienne who first appeared in the diary on 8.10.1798, maybe the miss Sturt of the first two entries above, and perhaps the next two, was a sister of Eliza Sturt (she had two older sisters Diana who was married to Sir William Milner, and Mary, and a younger sister Amelia), or perhaps they were all Eliza Sturt and Godwin failed to notice the fist two entries when compiling his 1796 list. Eliza (Bizarre her middle name according to Burke's Peerage) Sturt was the daughter of Humphrey and Mary Sturt and became the mistress of Augustus Butler Danvers and married him after his first wife died. The mrs & miss Sturt of 1807 and the Sturts and 2 Sturts of the last two entries must have been Mary Sturt her mother and one of her sisters, as by then Eliza had become mrs Danvers on 24.5.1802. The meeting on 12.6.1802 was presumably with Eliza Butler Danvers and her sister in law Sophia Mariscotti. On 1.8.1794 the newspaper gossip columns foretold the marriage of Eliza Sturt to Lord Barrymore.