1.3.1807 dine at King's w. Butlers, Mays, Supple, Italian Jew & mrs Hippisley; adv. Plunkets
All the guests listed by Godwin were Irish (apart from the Italian Jew). Supple was an Irish name and only appeared this once in Godwin's diary. There were some of this name living in London.
Philip Supple otp bach = St Marylebone 29.1.1770 Margaret Hubback otp sp banns sigs wit Rd Fitzgerald. Their children Henry Doyne born 1771 navy purser his will PCC 1809 / William Sneyd born 1778 married 1811 Esther Walker his will PCC 1819 colorman of St Pancras / Ann born 1783 / Charles Robert born 1786 married 1832 Ann Makin Petty died 1855 / Margaret Cassan born 1789 died 1873 unmarried / Catherine & Mary born 1792 / Elizabeth born 1794. All bapt St Martin i t Fields, living at Northumberland-st Strand in 1797. SunFire 1777 Philip Supple hairdresser George-st York-bldgs, hairdresser Craven-st St Martin i t Fields voted Fox 1784, hairdresser Flask-row St Geo Han Sq voted Townshend 1788. Philip bur Chelsea 1815 age 73, Margaret bur Chelsea 1816 age 66. 
David Supple = at Holborn 1799 Caroline Fenwick her will PCC 1808 husband David Lt 17th regt light dragoons, late mother Sarah Fenwick of Southampton, grandfather Thomas Baker of Salisbury. Their children David John Augustus Taylor bapt Totnes 1800, Frederick Austin & Caroline Isabella Dorothea both bapt Preston 1802. Caroline wife of Capt Supple bur Hastings 30.5.1808. David Supple married in Bombay 1809 Charlotte Amelia Connel their son George Augustus bapt 1815 Cheltenham, she was bur in Bombay 1840 age 47
Abraham Supple = 1807 St Jas Westmr Alice Tuffs. Abraham Supple debtor 1838
William Supple kept shoe shop corner King-st Seven Dials witness Old Bailey 1795
Holdens directory 1811 Smith, Supple & co leathersellers 29 Smithfield
The will PCC 1851 of Daniel Supple of Tralee & Oyster-hall co. Kerry solicitor mentioned family burial place Castleisland, sisters-in-law Arabella & Maria Supple, sister Mary wife of James Fitzgerald, niece Kate Supple dau of James Supple, proved by a creditor. He was election attorney for Daniel O'Connell (DNB 1775-1847) and for his son Maurice. He was sometimes referred to as Daniel Supple junior. His wife had triplets in 1833
Mr Supple Aston's-quay Dublin sub 1800 to Life's Painter by George Parker

William Supple Paradise-row Dublin gentry 1820