Sutter, Frederick

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Frederick Sutter 4 Poland St ratebooks 1788-1797 / SunFire 1791 Frederick Sutter 4 Poland St tailor. His will PCC 1830 dated 1826 late of Poland St but now of Heath Place Hackney mentioned his eldest daughter Ann Augusta Miller and her daughter Wilhelmina, and his daughter Elizabeth wife of Frederick Timme professor of Royal Miliotary College Sandhurst and their son Frederick John. Elizabeth Sutter = Frederick Timme 28.7.1810 St Marylebone. Anna Augusta dau of Frederick Sutter & Jane born 1773, married Henry Miller 1796. In 1813 at the Old Bailey, Sutter, still living in Poland St, prosecuted a Jew, Abraham Gill for giving him a bad shilling in change for buying oranges. Henry Miller clerk at the Bank of England, one of the witnesses was presumably his son in law. Frederick Sutter was born 1739 in Brandenburg and began his will "In Namen Gottes Amen"