Sutton, Daniel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Daniel Sutton of Portsmouth St, Lincolns Inn Fields proposed member 8.6.1792 by William Sturch 2nded William Maxwell
Daniel Sutton bapt 2.7.1757 at Salt Lane Prebyterian, Salisbury, son of Richard & Martha. Richard Sutton had married Martha Goodbee at St Martin's, Salisbury 30.5.1750. Their other children bapt at Salt Lane: Henry 1759, James 1761, Ann 1768, Martha 1771. SunFire 1791 Richard, Henry & James Sutton, Sarum, Wiltshire, clothiers. SunFire 1793 Daniel Sutton of London, carpet manufacturer in partnership with William Buller of Wilton (QV* in SCI 1782). London Met Archives ACC/1373/001 Daniel Sutton of Earls Terrace Kensington & Isaac Morgan of Moffatt St, City Rd, builder, lease of land at White Conduit Fields, Islington. Nat Arch C 13/283/4 chancery suit 1823 Francis Jones v Daniel Sutton & Isaac Morgan. London Met Arch ACC/0360/011 chancery suit William & Martha Young v Daniel Sutton re: land in Islington. SunFire 1839 Daniel Sutton of Earls Terrace Kensington & Martha Varley widow of Edwardes Square, Kensington. Will PCC 26.10.1842 Daniel Sutton of Earls Terrace Kensington dated 1.6.1825 last codicil 6.7.1842 mentioned brother James and his son George, niece Emma, nephew Daniel Sutton of Ringwood, Hants, sister Martha, sister Ann widow of Durravan, son Daniel (of Edwardes Pl, Kensington 1838) and his children Edward Rogers and Emily Ann. Morn Post 5.10.1842 coroner's inquest on Daniel Sutton Esq age 86 of Earls Terrace Kensington, verdict natural death, said to have died worth nearly half a million sterling. Will PCC 18.7.1850 of Martha Sutton sp of New Sarum dated 4.11.1848 mentioned nephew George Sutton of New Sarum gent and his children. James Malachi Durravan married Ann Sutton at St Martin Salisbury 25.10.1792. He was an actor, son of Irish actor Malachi Durravan and died at Bristol (aged about 24) only a  year after his marriage (see London Evening Post 5.11.1793)
GODWIN DIARY: 19.12.1794 dine at Sutton's (with Jo) / 1.1.1795 at Sutton's with Buller and Morgan / 12.3.1797 Sutton at Holcroft's / 19.3.1797 again / then not till 1807.
Godwin's brother Jo (see Godwin, Joseph) was employed in the carpet trade. For Buller & Morgan see above and see their entries in Godwin Diary dataset. The first two entries above very likely belonged to the SCI member above, those at Holcroft's perhaps, quite possibly those after 1807 as well (see my entry Sutton)