Swainson, Isaac

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Mr Swainson of Frith St Soho proposed member 8.2.1793 by Thomas Holcroft 2nded William Harwood
GODWIN DIARY: Swainson 2.5.1797 at John King's
Isaac Swainson buried Twickenham 13.5.1812 will PCC 1812 of Frith St, St Anne Soho "for 25 years proprietor of secret or receipt for Volne's Vegetable Syrup which I bought from Peter Mercier formerly of Frith Street Doctor of Physic". Also mentioned his niece Margaret Swainson, his partner Thomas Whittingham, and John Bellamy wine merchant of Old Palace Yard Westminster, dated 16.2.1807, codicil 22.12.1810 niece Margaret now wife of Thomas Canham of Middle Temple (marr St Ann Soho 18.8.1810). Isaac Swainson was witness at the wedding of James Ridgway (QV*) in 1787 and stood bail for him in 1793, he was involved with Ridgway in the Literary Fund and the Beefsteak Club along with William Hewardine, who was also at King's on 2.5.1797. Swainson voted Fox in Westminster 1784, Hood in 1788 (Hewardine sang at Hood's election dinner), voted Fox & Tooke 1796, Fox & Graham 1802 and Paull 1806. He was a proprietor of the British Institution and he raised botanic specimens at his house (Heath Lane Lodge) in Twickenham. In 'The Grove' by T J Mathias p43 a Mr Hewardine is quoted as telling how Rev David Williams (DNB 1738-1816), John Williams (Anthony Pasquin DNB 1754-1818) and Capt Thomas Morris (DNB 1732-1818?) would hang around Ridgway's shop hoping to be invited to dinner by Swainson. Perhaps son of Elijah Swainson who married Elizaberth Griggs at Grasmere, Westmorland on 30.5.1739, and brother of Elijah Swainson will PCC 7.4.1774 gent of St George Middx dated 19.8.1772 mentioned wife Mary mother Elizabeth brothers Ephraim & Isaac sisters Elizabeth & Mary brother John Place friends John Allen & Charles Coates. Elijah Swainson had married at St Botolph Bishopsgate 29.2.1772 Mary Lawton widow (of John Rogers Lawton will PCC 1772) her will PCC 1784 Mary Swainson. John Place had married at St Clement Eastcheap 26.7.1770 Rebecca Swainson sp of St Martin Ongar. According to some sources Isaac Swainson was a cousin to William Swainson DNB 1789-1855 which seems probable but I couldn't trace the connection