3 Swans 4.6.1797 at Horseman's Oxford / 6.11.1810 at Ward's (with Coleridge & Middleton)
Godwin's letter to Mary Wollstonecraft (Abinger c40 f168) referred facetiously to "Mr Swan and his two wives or sisters". Unlike the others Godwin met at Horseman's, there was no Swan at Oxford University at that time, the nearest in Alum Ox being Abraham Swanne son of Richard of Raphoe Ireland cleric, adm 17.12.1784 age 17 BA 1789. Maybe it really meant some swans rather than humans.
For the 1810 Swan see my entry for Ward for the context. Of Swan entries in Holdens directory 1811 the nearest to where Godwin and Ward lived was James Swan tailor 3 New-buildings Cow-lane

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Rev Henry Swann of Portsmouth will PCC 1789 / Rev John Swann pf Brant Broughton, Lincs will PCC 1827 / Rev Charles Swann of Ridlington Rutland will PCC 1846 / Rev Charles Henry Swann of Stoke Dry Rutland will PCC 1854