Symonds, Thomas & Symonds,Henry Delahoy

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Simmons of Inner Temple proposed member 25.5.1792 by Samuel Favell 2nded Jeremiah Joyce. Symmons and Joyce proposed John Fenwick SCI member 5.10.1792
GODWIN DIARY: 4.2.1793 Symonds at tea (with Jardine, Fenwick & Pearson) / 20.2.1793 with Jardine / 19.5.1793 at Tooke's /28.5.1793 / 2.6.1793 / 16.6.1793 / 8.8.1794 / 24.10.1794 / 1.11.1794 / 3.11.1794 / 25.11.1794 / 6.3.1795 / 9.6.1795 adv at Joyce's with Tooke.
On 2.6.1793 his name was followed by Grecian, and on 8.8.1794 preceded by Grecian, separated by a comma each time. This probably referred to the Grecian coffee house in Devereux Court, Temple. Morn Post 4.8.1778 in list of coffee houses where a petition could be signed, "Symonds's, Grecian, Temple" and St Clement Danes workhouse inmates Feb 1785 Wm Warner age 61 had been servant to a Mr Simmons at the Grecian coffee-house, Devereux Court. However SunFire Grecian Coffee-house 1780 Stephen Phillimore, 1787 & 1794 Edmund Adams, so maybe the Symonds who kept the coffee house was unrelated to the SCI member who just used it as many lawyers did. Maybe some of the 1793 entries without "Grecian" belong to H D Symonds (see below) before he was sent to Newgate.
Thomas Simmons or Symonds, admitted Inner Temple 16.11.1789, son of Thomas Symonds silversmith of Fleet St. His father was apprenticed on 11.1.1750 as son of John Symonds of St George the Martyr, Middx deceased, to Thomas Banes of Goldsmiths Co and turned over in 1752 to Thomas Parr "for Thomas Jeans". He married at Finchley by lic 7.9.1769 as Thomas Symonds of St Vedast Foster Lane bach, Jane Hanna otp sp. Their children Thomas born 13.11.1770 bapt 2.12.1770, Jane born 4.1.1772 bapt 21.12.1772, Charles John born 6.1.1774 bapt 23.1.1774 all at St Vedast Foster Lane, Henry born 15.10.1777 bapt 13.11.1777 St Dunstan i t West. London Directories showed Thos Symonds goldsmith 27 Cheapside 1772-1773, 20 Fleet St 1776-1791, Charles John Symonds goldsmith 20 Fleet St 1794-1798. Thomas Symonds from Fleet St bur 28.11.1790 St Dunstan i t West. Thomas Symonds articled to George Pearson attorney with consent of his mother Jane widow of Fleet St 17.1.1791. Thomas Symonds student-at-law was in the list of witnesses called by the Crown in Tooke's treason trial 1794 and interviewed by Privy Council beforehand (TS11/963 f32) he said he was a friend of Jeremiah Joyce, John Augustus Bonney and William Sharpe the engraver. Symonds was called to the bar 8.5.1795. Law List 1800 Thomas Symmonds Esq 3 Brick Court Middle Temple, equity draftsman, listed as counsel up to 1802. Not in Law List 1812, I haven't yet found his death or marriage or subsequent career.
Henry Delahoy Symonds (see his person record on GD website) was listed in the Newgate calendar (Nat Arch HO77/2) at least up till Sept 1795 and was probably the Symonds of 2.4.1794 dine in Newgate. Symonds 8.3.1796, 27.11.1797 and 24.6.1799 (all at theatre) perhaps more likely Thomas (above). 11.8.1799 might have been either, but 9.12.1799 call on Robinson (Symonds) and 6.1.1800, 25.10.1802, 11.7.1807, 12.7.1807, 13.7.1807 and 12.8.1807 all look more like H D Symonds


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Law List 1798 John Symonds attorney Gloucester St Queen Sq