Tate, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Tate of Battersea proposed member 27.4.1792  by Michael Pearson 2nded John Horne Tooke
William Tate married 6.11.1766 at Leconfield, Yorks Hannah Hilbert. Francis Tate baptised at Muston, Yorks 31.8.1769 son of William. (York Guide 1787 William Tate spirit merchant Colliergate, SunFire 1790 William Tate, York, hop merchant & dealer in spirituous liquors, beer & cider. William Tate subscr to Ogden's poem Revolution 1790 but there were several other William Tates in or near London then / a tailor of 8 Monmouth St SunFire 1792 and son of same name / a wine merchant of Lime St SunFire 1789 will PCC 1806 / an Esq of Mitcham, Surrey 1790 son of William Tate of Mitcham will PCC 1781 / a cheesemonger of Bridge Rd, Lambeth SunFire 1790 / William Tate trustee of will PCC 1800 of William Philpott, SunFire 1818 Queens Row Pentonville his will PCC 1827 / a coachmaker of Greek St, Soho SunFire 1806 / among others). SunFire 1790 Joseph Gosse & Joseph Benwell (QV*) malt distillers Battersea, SunFire 1791 Joseph Gosse, Joseph Benwell & William Tate malt distillers Battersea. !792 William Tate of Battersea subscr to Robert Robinson's Researches. 1792 a William Tate signed Friends to the Liberty of the Press. SunFire 1794 William Tate & Co distillers, Pimlico. Morn Post 15.6.1801 ad for Surrey Iron railway John Hilbert Esq, Joseph Benwell Esq, William Tate Esq. SunFire 1802, 1803 William Tate, Fisher Evans & Co, distillers Pimlico. York Herald 28.12.1816 died aged 72 Mrs H Tate widow of late Wm Tate of Flotmanby Grange. Yorks East Riding Archives DDPY/29/124 will proved 15.4.1817 of Hannah Tate wid dated 23.8.1816 mentioned sons Francis & William, dau Mary Dewsberry and Mr Haigue minister of Scarborough Baptist chapel. Will PCC 1.2.1819 of John Hilbert of Wandsworth Esq, dated 19.5.1818 mentioned freehold manor of Merton in Cheam, Sutton & Merton, manor of Folkton, Yorks, niece Mary Dewsberry, nephew William Tate, nephew Francis Tate of Flotmanby, Yorks, farmer and his sons John Hilbert Tate & James Bell Tate, execs Joseph Benwell & Joseph Kaye, codicil 17.10.1818. Sutton Archives P4/46 deeds of Grove Estate, Carshalton, William Tate of Smith St, Chelsea, Middx & Mary Dewsberry of Pocklington, Yorks widow. Will PCC 6.10.1834 of William Tate of Smith St, Chelsea Esq dated 23.5.1834 mentioned housekeeper Betty Wallin (apparently his mistress? - insured 32 Smith St SunFire 1836), sister Mrs Dewsbury, brother Francis and his children James Bell, Mary Jane, Hannah & Francis, James Howell of Wandsworth surgeon, William Mackie of Wandsworth stockbroker (will PCC 1848?), Samuel Burt Howlet of Graham St Pimlico, John Wilkinson of Elm Place, Mrs Russel of Muston, Yorks, Mrs Jane Welbourn of Muston, Mr John Overton (will PCC 1838?), Mr Thomas Johnston of Pocklington, Yorks, Rev Mr Dunn of Upper Belgrave Pl (will PCC 1850 Edward Alexander Dunn protestant dissenting minister of Upper Belgrave Pl), Mrs Jane Ryley widow of Duppa Hill nr Croydon, real estate at Carshalton. William Tate buried 5.6.1834 Cheam, Surrey age 67 from Chelsea. (No wife or children mentioned in will so given many other William Tates he was maybe not the William Tate Esq of London who married Miss Simpson of Herne Hill at Lambeth, Jacksons Oxford Journal 23.8.1806)