Tatlock, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Tatlock of 3 Wood St, Cheapside proposed member 1.2.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded George Williams
Thomas Tatlock who married Mary Wade 13.2.1763 at St Michael Wood St was probably either his father or brother. London Gazette 7.7.1772 Richard Blackburn & Thomas Tatlock of Wood St, London merchants bankrupt, their.agreement 1764 re 2 silk mills in Stockport, Cheshire (Nat Arch C 111/198). Another relative Charles Tatlock of St Lawrence Jewry bach = St Margaret Pattens 26.4.1765 Sarah Marriott sp otp by lic. Directories 1768-1771 Charles Tatlock 13 Lawrence Lane, Cheapside, Manchester warehouseman. In Charles Whitehead's Observations (1777) on discounters and bill-brokers, page 44 "Charles Tatlock, who is much employed in the business of a flying Broker, and who is a runner to look out for bills for Deacon to discount". St Jas Chron 19.2.1778 case in Court of Aldermen mentioned Mr Tatlock a silk broker. St Jas Chron 28.3.1782 Thomas Tatlock sworn broker Aldermanbury. 1783 Thomas Tatlock of Weavers Co. took appr Thomas Farrow son of William Farrow gent of Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, deceased, premium £1000 (very high! -on the same day a William Farrow, probably his brother, was appr to Francis Monet merchant with a premium of 1000 gns). James Tatlock otp bach = St Mary Aldermanbury 11.11.1784 Ann Elizabeth Field of Clapham, Surrey sp by lic. 1785 James Tatlock free of Goldsmiths Co (see below 1811). Land Tax 1787 James Tatlock Castle St, Falcon Sq & Mare St Hackney. Thomas Farrow = Prestbury, Cheshire 5.8.1790 Mary Tatlock (dau of Thomas). Directory 1791 James Tatlock sworn broker, Stoke Newington or Dyers Court Aldermanbury, Charles & ThomasTatlock, silk brokers 6 Cateaton St. 28.1.1795 Anna Elizabeth Tatlock age 2½ from Queen St bur Bunhill Fields, 19.2.1795 James Tatlock age 6¾ from Queen St bur Bunhill Fields. Morn Chron 28.8.1795 Mr Charles Tatlock draper Cateaton St married Miss Browne of Woodford age 85 (couldn't find a record of this marriage, this may have been a spoof announcement). James Tatlock otp wid = St Margaret Lothbury 14.2.1797 Charlotte Tree of Kensinton, Mx sp by lic, wits H C Combe Gt Russell St Bloomsbury, Christian Combe his daughter, Frances Tree. (Harvey Christian Combe DNB 1752-1818 had married in 1780 Alice Christian, dau of his uncle Boyce Tree, Charlotte and Frances Tree were her sisters). Charlotte Field born Croydon, Surrey 18.2.1798 of James & Charlotte Tatlock, registered at Dr Williams Library 3.3.1819. Morn Post 3.7.1798 Thomas & James Tatlock late partners silk brokers of Dyers Court, Aldermanbury, and late partners with Charles Tatlock (by and in his name only wholesale linendrapers, late of Castle St, now of Cateaton St) apply to James Tatlock 9 Finch Lane Cornhill. (James Tatlock bur 7.4.1799 St Andrew by the Wardrobe age 51 - unlikely that this was the SCI member given later references to James Tatlocks). Lionel Lukin (son of Lionel Lukin DNB 1742-1834) = Wandsworth 17.5.1800 Isabella Tatlock (dau of Thomas). True Briton 23.4.1800 Charles Tatlock of Cateaton St merchant bankrupt. Morn Post 14.3.1801 Charles Tatlock certificate, Kings Bench Prison 21.3.1801 Charles Tatlock discharged. Morn Post 8.7.1802 James Tatlock of Finch Lane broker bankrupt. Morn Post 23.8.1802 James Tatlock certificate. William Tatlock wid of Portsea Esq (a son of Thomas Tatlock?) = St Clement Danes 26.10.1802 Frances Tree otp sp by lic wits James Tatlock, Paul Tatlock (another son of Thomas Tatlock). Morn Post 16.10.1803 James Tatlock of Southwark Volunteer Cavalry fell from horse and fractured two ribs.Johnsons Sunday Monitor 11.12.1803 report of deluge in Madeira 19.10.1803 Charles Tatlock late of Cateaton St, his 2 daus, son in law Morris, an infant, servants & house all swept away. 1803 Land Tax James Tatlock Bury Court, St Mary Axe. 1810 James Tatlock of Streatham on Surrey jury list.  Morn Chron 27.2.1811 James Tatlock of Milk St, steward of Eastern Dispensary dinner. George Field Tatlock son of James Tatlock of Goldsmiths Co. free by patrimony (born after admission of his father 1785). George Field Tatlock of Wood St bach = Shoreditch 9.3.1811 Ann Lilly sp otp by lic. Directory 1811 Paul Tatlock silk broker 1 Huggin Lane, Cheapside. Derby Mercury 4.6.1812 James Tatlock late of 3 Milk St, now of Streatham silk broker bankrupt. Old Bailey 16.9.1812 (also 17.9.1800) Mr Tatlock silk broker gave evidence that silk cannot be identified, the accused were acquitted in both cases. Morn Post 11.10.1815 East Hill, Wandswoth for sale late in possession of Thomas Tatlock, deceased. Will PCC 3.11.1815 of Thomas Tatlock of Wandsworth Esq, dated 5.6.1806 mentioned son Paul, son in law Thomas Farrow, dau Isabella Lukin, dau Mary Farrow, sister Ellen Tatlock, codicils 24.7.1811 & 29.12.1813. Thomas Farrow Tatlock born 1791 son of James Tatlock free of Goldsmiths Co by patrimony 1825. Charlotte relict of James Tatlock Esq born 4.10.1775 died 11.12.1833 (Lewisham MIs) bur Lewisham 18.12.1833 of Bridge Pl. Standard 19.3.1840 Charlotte Field Tatlock, last surviving dau of late James Tatlock Esq died at Lee, Kent (her will PCC 1840). Also many Chancery cases (not seen) with name Tatlock could tell more.