Taylor, John

call on R Taylor; adv pere 21.5.1803 / 11.5.1804 call on R Taylor adv mere & soeur / 2.8.1805 call on R Taylor; adv Arthur / 16.7.1806 call on R Taylor adv pere mere & A / 19.8.1807 call on R Taylor (adv frere aine) / 8.3.1809 call on R Taylor; adv. Edwd / 16.6.1817 call on R Taylor adv pere
In the 1807 entry above GD website has mistranscribed frere as pere, the two are not that different in Godwin's handwriting. So that entry must have been John Taylor DNB 1779-1863, Richard Taylor's only older brother. The entries in 1803 and 1817 have not been coded, as other similar entries have been, to John Taylor DNB 1750-1826. The entry in 1806 has been coded to him but mere & A have been included in the coding. Mere should be Susannah Taylor DNB 1755-1823 (as should mere in 1804) and A should be Arthur Taylor b 1790, Richard's younger brother. He married 18.11.1824 St Pancras Elizabeth Emily Lane who died 8.5.1861 in her 62nd year and he died 30.3.1870 at 3 Canonbury Sq. The Arthur of 2.8.1805 should also be coded to him. Soeur in 1804 may have been Susan 1788-1853 who later married Henry Reeve DNB 1780-1814, or Sarah 1793-1867 (DNB Sarah Austin) who would have ony been 11 in 1804. Edwd in 1809 should be added to the person record of Edward Taylor.  And see Taylor, Philip