Taylor, Northn

25.5.1798 Taylor Northn calls / 2.6.1798 Taylor Northn calls, talk of self and atheism
George Taylor (1772-1851) father of Henry Taylor (DNB 1800-1886). See Una Taylor, Guests and Memories (1924) p 21 on and the Autobiography of Henry Taylor, The anecdote in Una Taylor's book of Horne Tooke kissing Godwin's hand at Mrs Opie's while George Taylor was present was probably a conflation of stories. Taylor was only in London for a couple of weeks and he apparently met Holcroft and the newly married Mrs Opie. Tooke and Mrs Opie never appeared together in Godwin's diary (except in the courtroom at Tooke's acquittal 22.11.1794 when Miss Alderson the future Mrs Opie was present and indeed was said, though she denied it, to have kissed Tooke). Godwin went to Tooke's on 27.5.1798 while Taylor was in London but did not mention Taylor in the longish list of guests. I only discovered who Taylor Northn was when reading Charloote Gordon's Romantic Outlaws (2015) p8 and was a bit surprised that the GD website had missed this identification.