Taylor, Philip

8.7.1796 call on J Taylor, adv Philip, Morris & mrs W Barnard / 21.7.1796 dine at J Taylor's, with Philip, Samuel, Thomas & T Barnard
Although Philip Taylor DNB 1786-1870 civil engineer was ten years old, these names don't fit his brothers John, Richard, Edward and Arthur, but they do fit the brothers of John Taylor DNB 1750-1826, Philip b1747, Meadows b1755, Samuel b1757 and Thomas b1758, particularly if Meadows by nickname or Godwin's mistake was noted as Morris.
Meadows Taylor married Elizabeth Dyson at Ganton Suffolk in 1793, their son Meadows baptised at Palgrave Suffolk in 1798
20.3.1804 call on R Taylor (adv Ph.) / 8.3.1820 call on Taylor (Bury Court) adv Philip & Martineau / 16.8.1821 call on R Taylor (adv. Philip) / 21.8.1822 call on R Taylor; adv. Philip
The Ph & Philip in these entries should surely be added on the GD website to the person record for Philip Taylor DNB 1786-1870 (the last two already are). The first is transcribed as K Taylor on GD website but a close examination of the original suggests this should be R Taylor and coded to Philip's brother Richard Taylor DNB 1781-1858. John Taylor mining engineer was listed in Pigot's 1822 directory at Bury Court so that was clearly John Taylor DNB 1779-1863. The DNB says he established a chemical works at Stratford in 1812 with his brother Philip and the financial backing of the Martineau family