Temple, Richard Godman

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Godman Temple of Fratton nr Portsmouth proposed member 26.1.1781 by John Cartwright 2nded Edward Bridgen
Baptised 27.4.1752 son of Robert & Susanna Temple at Portsmouth Unitarian. Robert Temple = Palace Chapel, Chichester, Sussex 11.1.1749 Susanna Godman. 1779 freeholder of Portsea voted for Jervoise Clark Jervoise (QV*). SunFire brewer of Portsea. He married at Mortlake 8.9.1785 Elizabeth dau of Timothy Yeats of Mortlake (will PCC 1792). SunFire 1788, 1792 Esq of Portsea. Subscr 1786 to Pike's Sermons, 1787 to Jebb's works, 1788 to Maty's Sermons, 1796 to Towers' Tracts. 1790 of Portsea on freehold in Gosport plumped for Jervoise (who lost the seat). True Briton 25.9.1798 Voluntary Contribution to cover assessed taxes £525. Bristol Mercury 28.9.1830 died at his house in the Circus, Bath, Richard Godman Temple Esq of Roehampton, Surrey. Standard 15.6.1831 his extensive properties for sale. He apparently left no will and his widow seems to have been his heir. Her will PCC 27.1.1835 Elizabeth Temple of 7, Circus, Bath made many bequests but none to any children or anyone of surname Temple (or even Yeats except for a Yeates Brown).