15.7.1796 mes Temple & Arthur at Raven's / 8.1.1797 mes Temple at King's / 17.9.1804 call on Jo(seph) G(odwin) & H(olcrof)t (or Harriet?) : Curran calls n(ot in). adv. Temples / 1.10.1824 call on Lemon, SPO adv  Upcot, Temple / 19.10.1831 dine at Uwins with miss Temple
Temple was a fairly frequent surname among Norfolk farmers. Of the later four entries in London, that of 1804 may have been the Norfolk connection Temples if they were visiting Joseph Godwin, the diary entry seems ambiguous as to where the "adv" was.
Norwich wills John T farmer Thornage 1777, Mary T widow Thornage 1798, PCC wills Robert T Foulsham 1833, all these near Dalling
also PCC Wm T merchant Blakeney 1766, Thos T merchant Blakeney 1795, Norwich wills Robt T Weybourne 1795, William T farmer worstead 1773, Abraham T tailor N Walsham 1791
Richard Temple MD Bedford Row 1811 will PCC 1826