Tennant, Mrs

Letter from Emma Pauncefote to Crabb Robinson dtaed 7.8.1842 but probably error for 7.9.1842 "I had no sooner despatched my letter to you yesterday than I received one from my friend in Wales (Mrs Tennant) in answer to my application to her on my sisters account the following is an extract of her letter on that subject 'Your sister my dearest friend, appears indeed to be in a most unfortunate situation, I quite agree with yours and her friend, that an Annuity would be the wisest mode of assisting her. I shall be most happy to send my mite of fifteen pounds (you only do justice to my affection for you, in applying to me) this I think with the other sums you mentione to me will make £75...' This great kindness of my friend, who never saw my sister, you will I am sure appreciate as it merits. She is a most amiable and prudent person, whose remittances may be relied on. She is one of those whose strong sense of justice, has always led her to arrange her affairs so wisely that when she had but £100 per annum, which was the case before she married, she so distributed her expenses as always to appear like a lady was well received in the best society of the place where she resided, and did many kind and generous actions, though she now has no means whatever of adding a penny to her income"
HCR diary 23.4.1843 "made my way to Mrs Pauncefote's who introduced me to Mrs Aders' generous friend Mrs Tenant but I had no time to stay"
Anne Green born Baltimore., Maryland 1771 dau of John Green (died 1790) and Ann (died 1814) married at Swansea 3.7.1823 David Tennant his will PCC 1839, she died 7.2.1860 Swansea (effects under £8000)