Robinsons (Thiebault) 31.7.1804 / 24.10.1804 (contract, Thiebault)
Godwin first looked at Thiebault on 19.7.1804 and in the GD website this is coded to te 1490 unable to identify. It was clearly Dieudonne Thiebault's "Mes souvenirs de vingt ans sejour a Berlin, ou, Frederic le Grand" Paris 1804, 5 vols. It appears that on 31.7.1804 he discussed it with the Robinsons and he worked his way through the 5 volumes between 7.8.1804 and 26.12.1804, either reading it or perhaps translating it. The mention of a contract on 24.10.1804 didn't coincide with any meeting with any of the Robinsons and in fact 28.9.1804 was Godwin's last call on any of the bookseller/publisher Robinsons until 31.10.1808. On 23.1.1805 G Robinson turned up at Godwin's dinner, then there were just a few meet and adv entries with John & George Robinson over the next three years. The contract may have arrived by post or perhaps Godwin failed to meet a contract deadline. Anyway I've found no trace of an English translation of Thiebault's work, it was possibly a bone of contention between Godwin and the Robinsons. Godwin looked at Thiebault once more on 2.6.1822, coded on GD website to te 2813 unable to identify