Thornton, Robert John

HCR DIARY 11.5.1826 calls on Blake, Thornton
Presumably Robert John Thornton (DNB 1768-1837). Robinson had met William Blake (DNB 1757-1827) with John Linnell (DNB 1792-1882) at the Aders. Thornton was Linnell's doctor and had met Blake through Linnell in 1818, commissioning him to make woodcuts for his edition of Virgil. Thornton nearly dismissed Blake's work but was persuaded otherwise by dining at the Aders when Thomas Lawrence (DNB 1769-1830) and James Ward (DNB 1769-1859) both expressed admiration for Blake's work.
31.8.1806 dine at Philips's, Hampstead w. Thorntons & many
Quite likely to be Robert John Thornton and his wife Susanna. Bonnell son of Robt John  and Susanna Thornton born 22.9.1794 bapt St Pancras 16.10.1794. Caroline Williams 1802, Matilda 1804, Alexander 1806, Emma 1807, and Sophia 1808 all bapt St Marylebone of Robert John & Susanna. (John Robert Thornton = St Thomas, Lewes, Sussex 1.4.1805 Susanna Verrall most likely a different couple). Sptima Elizabeth born 1811 and Robert John bapt together 1817 at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, London. Susan Thornton of Howland-st age 62 buried St Pancras 29.10.1834. Robert John Thornton has a person record on GD website but the 1806 entry above is not coded to him