call on Thurgar 2.10.1804 / 22.12.1804 again / 28.11.1805 Thurgar calls / 03.09.1816 write to Thurgar / 27.8.1817 write to Taylor, on Thurgar / 28.4.1818 write to Thurgar / 15.5.1820 Thurgar calls / 2.11.1820 call on Hasey (for Thurgar) / 5.3.1821 Payne (from Thurgar) calls
Mr & Mrs Thurgar's academy for young ladies Queen St Norwich 1796, 1802 Thomas William Thurgar bookseller, printer &c 1 Bethel St Norwich 1794, Thomas Thurgar bookseller of Norwich died 8.6.1806.  Mr Christopher Thurgar of Norwich married 15.6.1801 in London miss Charlotte King of Beccles, who died 31.10.1802 Beccles.  Miss Thurgar died at her brother's house in Norwich Jan 1811.  Mr Christopher Thurgar 1817 formerly kept a school £9 for bedding.  Christopher Thurgar deacon 1820 priest 1822 elected curate of High Wycombe 1824 admitted St Catherine's Cambridge 1825 a ten-year man. He married 23.4.1822 Jemima dau of Jonathan Tanner of Castle St Reading, she died 19.8.1823 age 24. He married 4.11.1826 Anne dau of P Williams of Fennel's Lodge Bucks. Christopher Thurgar died 28.4.1827 at Messina, perpetual curate of Aldershot, Hants, his will PCC 1827 his widow married 1833 Rev William Harding
Sun Fire 1784 Sarah Thurgar widow 3 Richbell Court Lambs Conduit St, Sun Fire 1792 same address John Rawlin Thurgar who was clerk 1789 to Rhodes, Fry & Cook of St James Wall, Clerkenwell, attorney of Sheffield 1810 died Jan 1811 his will PCC 1811 his widow died 1830 age 63
Mrs Church eldest dau of Mr Thurgar died at Clapham 12.2.1833 in 38th year, her husband John Church died 18.2.1833