HCR diary 31.5.1822 "accompanied the Lambs and Dr Tiarks to Aders. Dr T: I took as my visitor and I did well for he was excellent company and pleased L:"
Crabb Robinson's Reminiscences "a very able man, who was too learned and scientific to be interested in me, but I could be interested in him...He was a monster of learning and endowed with various powers, and what is more, he was able to turn them to account"
Marquardt II p 24 n 37 Dr Johann Ludwig Tiarks 1789-1837, librarian to Sir Joseph Banks. His brother Johann Gerhard Tiarks 1794-1858 was pastor of the German Reformed Church in Whitechapel from 1822 and married Emily Phipps in 1825 (see Marquardt II p 86 n 244)