Tomes, John

29.6.1795 Toms at Howell's, Warwick
Rev Benjamin Toms MA vicar of St Michael Coventry 1788, signed meeting against dissenters Warwick 1790, perhaps dead by 1795
John Toms (or Tomes) of Church St Warwick, gent voted Knight 1792. Succeeded John Parry as undersheriff & coroner of Warwick 17.10.1792 (Nat Arch c202). Subscr 1795 to Winterbotham's America. Active in LCS cases in London (Thale, Trials for Treason & Sedition, Bonney's diary 1.10.1794). Mentioned in Parr's will 1825. His will PCC 1849
Rev Samuel Say Toms of Framlingham Suffolk will PCC 1834 Unitarian, age 83. Possible relative?