Tooke, John Horne

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Horne Tooke of Temple proposed member 6.7.1781 by John Cartwright 2nded John Jebb
John Horne Tooke DNB 1736-1812
GODWIN DIARY: 2.5.1792 meet Paine & Tooke / 25.11.1792 dine at Horne Tooke's. In Godwin's 1796 list towards the end of 1792 (after Dirom he met in September and Inchbald in October), and in the 1794 version, but the 1796 list entry has not been coded to his person record on the GD website. Godwin had already noted seeing Horne Tooke at several public events and dinners, and referred to his actions on other occasions, before 1792. So this is a good example of Godwin needing a proper connection with a person before placing them in his 1796 list. Judging from where he appeared in the 1796 list, even the meeting along with Paine in May 1792 didn't qualify him
4.9.1803 dine at H Tooke's with his sister