Tooke, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Tooke of Serjeants Inn proposed member 29.3.1782 by John Horne Tooke 2nded Thomas Bennett
Baptised St Peter Mancroft, Norwich 11.12.1719 William son of Edward & Barbara Tuck (? born 2.12.1719). Edward Tooke had married at Heigham, Norfolk 18.3.1716 Barbara Hunt. Edward Tooke apparently died 1727 (not confirmed). The will PCC 30.10.1754 of Barbara Tooke of Norwich widow of Edward Tooke dated 13.7.1754 mentioned her daughter Elizabeth wife of Thomas Harwood of Norwich and their daughters Margaret & Barbara, her son William Tooke, her late father Hood Hunt, her brother Benjamin Hunt, her niece Margaret wife of William Williams. London directories 1749, 1753 William Tooke warehouseman, merchant Princes St, Stocks Market, nr Mansion House. William Tooke merchant subscr 1758 to Borlase's Cornwall. London Chron 26.6.1762 William Tooke Esq of Old Bond St married Miss Sally Ellis of Albemarle St. Pub Adv 14.3.1770 William Tooke a Turkey merchant chair of Supporters of Bill of Rights. 1772 William Tooke Fig Tree Court, Temple, member Socy for Encouragement of Arts, &c, subscr to Richard Eyre's Sermons. In John Horne Tooke DNB 1736-1812 it says William Tooke's property at Purley was to be affected by Thomas de Grey's enclosure bill. Query whether this was not in fact at Thompson in the manor of Tottingham, Norfolk? The will PCC 12.10.1802 of William Tooke of Thompson dtaed 26.6.1801 mentioned his nephew William Tooke Harwood, his niece Barbara Harwood, his niece Margaret wife of John Baseley and her daughters Mary Ann, Elizabeth Mary & Barbara, his cousin William Bond surgeon of Norwich, his estate in Grenada jointly with late Richard Oliver and late William Smith, now with Thomas Oliver and George Griffin, his friend Mrs Ann Kipping of Brighton, his friend John Lens (DNB 1756-1825) as well as his mother Mrs Persis Lens and sisters Mrs Hester Harrison and four others, his "good old friend" John Partridge Esq of Croydon (will PCC 1809), William Frend (DNB 1757-1841), John Horne Tooke & his two daughters, John Windus (will PCC 1826), Joseph Echalaz (will PCC 1826), Mrs Mary Everard of Bath (will PCC 1827), and his chambers at 8 Kings Bench Walk, Middle Temple. He didn't appear in any law lists but seems to have had three addresses in legal districts