Towers, Thomas

capt Towers 20.11.1799 at Charlotte Smith's
See Collected Letters of Charlotte Smith. Her cousin was Capt of Sussex Fencible Cavalry (see report of court martial of Worthington, Bristol 1796 & 1797 in Eighteenth Century Online). He came to London from York on military business but died of fever in Charlotte Smith's care 19.12.1799. His will PCC proved 28.2.1800 Thomas Towers of Ashling Sussex dated 6.6.1795 made his cousin Mrs Catherine Ann Dorset, widow, his executrix. It is possible he was also the Towers of 17.11.1799 at John King's, coded in GD website to Joseph Towers DNB 1737-1799, who had died in May 1799. There was also an earlier Towers at King's on 19.2.1795 also coded on GD website to Joseph Towers.The GD website, despite the editorial notes on Joseph Towers saying that entries after his death have been coded to his son, has coded six entries after his death to Joseph Towers. Given that Towers was a common name, I suspect the entries at King's did not belong to him or his son