Towgood, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Towgood of Clements Lane proposed member 30.4.1784 by Francis Kemble 2nded Henry Amory
Born 16.7.1757 of Matthew Towgood (QV*) & Mary dau of John Mills registered Dr Williams Library 12.5.1772. Apprenticed 1.8.1771 to father in Fishmongers Co. Subscr 1777 to Toulmin's Socinus. 3.10.1778 member of Honorable Artillery Co, America Square. Subscr 1783 to Barbut's Genera. Trustee of New College Hackney 1786. Subscr to Jebb's Works 1787 of Hackney. Steward of Revolution Society 1789 committee 1790 of Clements Lane. Subscr to Lavater's Physiognomy and to Munro's Coromandel1789. Subscr to Toulmin's Taunton and to Wakefield's New Testament 1791. Unitarian Socy 1791. Signed Friends of the People 1792. Subscr to Robinson's Researches 1792 of Walthamstow. John Towgood Esq of Walthamstow = Islington 30.4.1792 Martha dau of Thomas Rogers (QV*). Witness 1796 at treason trial of William Stone (QV*). Subscr to Towers' Tracts 1796 of Clapham. Subscr to John Sharpe's poem The Chuch 1797 of Padnell, Essex. Governor of Magdalen Hospital 1798 of St Clements Lane. Buried 7.4.1837 Bunhill Fields age 80 of Upper Bedford Place. His will PCC 19.4.1837 John Towgood of Clements Lane banker dated 1.3.1836 mentioned late wife Martha, dau Maria Morgan, daus Caroline & Lucy, sons John, Samuel, Charles, George, trustees Francis Kemble & William Towgood (both died before him) and Samuel Rogers