Towgood, Matthew

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Matthew Towgood original member 1780 banker in London
His father Michaijah Towgood  (DNB 1700-1792 in which his son's career is briefly outlined end of 2nd para with wrong birth date) married Mary Hawker 28.5.1723 at Exeter Cathedral and Matthew was baptised 6.7.1727 son of Mr Towgood at Moreton Hampstead presbyterian meeting. He was minister at Bridgwater, Somerset (and/or at Coleford, see Toulmin's Watson 1792) 1747-1755, subscr 1749 to Henry Grove's Moral Philosophy, and married Mary Mills on 23.6.1752 at Bedminster, Somerset. He subscr 1760 London to Samuel Bourn's Discourses, was a member of the Socy for Encouragement of Arts &c by 1761, subscr 1762 to Rev Wm West's Mathematics, and to his Sermons, 1764 to Bulkley's Oeconomy, was admitted free of the Fishmongers Co by redemption 1764, subscr 1766 to Hoxton Orphan school and to Francis Webb's Sermons, in Kent's directory 1768 as broker of 7 Gt St Helens, subscr 1770 to Lying-In Charity, voted for Lord Mayor 1775 of Walthamstow, subscr to Aldersgate Dispensary for Poor 1776 of 12 America Square, subscr to Toulmin's Socinus 1777, director of Humane Society by 1778, of 29 Clements Lane by 1782, subscr to Barbut's Genera 1783, governor of St Thomas and of Guy's hospitals 1783, and of London Dispensary 1783 of Hackney, treasurer of New College, Hackney 1787, subscr to Jebb's Works 1787, subscr to Gordon's America, to Maty's Sermons and to Wood St charity school Spitalfields 1788, subscr to Munro's Coromandel 1789, commissioner of Land Tax 1790. He was buried 2.2.1791 at Bunhill Fields age 64. James Manning's life of his father Micaiah1792 stated (p 84) that Matthew died in his 60th year, which has led to the birth year being given as 1732. His will PCC 19.2.1791 banker of Clements Lane dated 13.1.1791 mentioned his father (will PCC 1792) & sister (Susannah Towgood will PCC 1805), his wife Mary and her late brother John Mills, his sons John, William & Matthew, his daus Elizabeth wife of Francis Kemble (QV*) and Mary wife of John Savery (of Shilston, Devon), and the picture of his father by Opie. His sons John & William were both SCI members see their separate entries. His son Matthew born 17.12.1761 (registered Dr Williams Library 12.5.1772), (?married Margaret Moore 13.12.1784 St Marylebone), Morning Post 15.12.1803 wife of Matthew Towgood Esq died at New Barnes nr St Albans, Bury & Norwich Post 29.11.1820 chaired public meeting at St Neots for an address to Queen Caroline, Standard 29.12.1830 died 25.12.1830 at Little Paxton age 69, his will PCC 1831 paper manufacturer of Little Paxton, Hunts.