Trotter, John Bernard

write to J B Trotter 15.10.1803 / 28.4.1806 call on Trottrn / 2.10.1806 tea Trotter's with M(ary) J(ane) (coffin of Fox) /  7.1.1808 dine at Hawthorns w. M[ary] J[ane], F[anny], capt. Trotter, mrs. Trotter, &c.
GD website has person record for J B Trotter but the first 3 entries above have not been coded to him and should be. The Trotters were from Downpatrick like the Hawthorns (if these Hawthorns were indeed the family of Steele Hawthorn, which I haven't proven) but J B Trotter's older brother had changed his name to Ruthven and his younger brother had just died at Buenos Aires (see Dictionary of Irish Biography). So not yet identified Capt & Mrs Trotter