Tucker, J

14.2.1796 miss Tucker at Holcroft's with Mrs Cole / 28.3.1797 at Fenwick's / 24.4.1797 at her's / 11.1.1798 Tucker adv at Fenwick's / 9.10.1805 Tucker calls / 12.12.1809 call on Tucker / 6.9.1829 miss Tucker at Cooke's
On 29.7.95 J Tucker wrote a somewhat flirtatious letter to Godwin, from Whitestone (near Exeter) and sent by the hand of Thomas Cooper, in which she mentioned Mrs Cole's and Miss Braddock's conversations on Godwin's reasons for not employing a servant (Ms Abinger c.2 f106-7). I haven't been able to identify her family as there were lots of Tuckers in Exeter (cooper, clockmaker, cabinetmaker, grocer, bookseller, surgeon, merchant, dyer). There was a Thomas Tucker at Whitestone c.1790 and the will 1808 (Nat Arch IR26) of Elizabeth Tucker widow of Whitestone, only mentions a daughter Elizabeth wife of Peter Bear. Jane Tucker spinster of Thorverton will PCC 1839 was daughter of late Rev Peter Tucker of Hill in Morchard Bishop and sister of Rev Peter Comyns Tucker of the same place. Morchard Bishop is 10 miles NW of Exeter, Thorverton 5 miles N, Whitestone 1 mile W. Wills of Jane Tucker spinster PCC 1816 of Fulham and 1819 of Brompton give no clue to link her with this person