Tuffin, John Farnell

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Farnell Tuffin of Thames St proposed member 13.6.1788 by Richard Sharp 2nded Amos Chaplin
John Furnell Tuffen bapt 19.1.1752 Quaker meeting son of John & Katherine Tuffen of Marlborough, Wilts. He died 1.10.1820 at Islington age 65 formerly wine merchant of London buried Barking, Essex 5.10.1820 (Quaker records). Directory 1783 Steeles & Tuffen brandy merchants 33 Lower Thames St.  !787 John Furnell Tuffin Lower Thames St Society for Abolishing Slave Trade.  1789 directory Timson Tuffin & Co merchants 67 Lower Thames St. 1789 subscr to Lavater's Essays. 1790 subscr to Robert Robinson's History of Baptism. World 4.11.1791 steward of Revolution Society dinner. Signed 1792 Declaration of Friends of the People. Subscr 1795 to Mrs Mary Morgan's Tour to Milford Haven. 1795 governor of London Hospital. 1796 of Vintners Co voted Lushington, Combe & Pickett. Institution for Extermination of Small Pox Gents Mag 1803. See his person record in GODWIN DIARY website where he appeared in company with Coleridge, Wordsworth, Southey & Rickman in 1802, 1806 and 1807. Bristol banking partnership with John Savery, William Towgood (QV*), John Yerbury & John Pugh dissolved 30.12.1809 London Gazette.  Land Tax 1808-1812 small premises in Park Lane, St Geo Han Sq. Letter from William Wordsworth to him at Grosvenor St, corner of Park Lane 1806. Letter from William Wordsworth to him at Billeter Lane 1812 mentioned Tuffin had been suffering from vexatious circumstances. Morn Chron 6.3.1819 Vice-president of Society of Friends of Foreigners in Distress. Sotheby's 12.2.1821 A catalogue of the remaining very select, elegant and valuable library of the late J.F.Tuffen  (Library of Richard Porson by P G Naiditch 2010). And see Life of Thomas Paine by Thomas Clio Rickman 1819 p 101, Early Life of Samuel Rogers by P W Clayden 1887(winter of 1791/2, 13.8.1792, 9.2.1793, 9.12.1793, letter from Thomas Cooper 14.12.1793, letter from Mrs (Sutton) Sharpe 10.12.1796, letter to Richard Sharp 5.11.1798)