Turner, Dawson

HCR diary 3.12.1826 Robinson accompanied Dawson Turner to Aders "A survey of the pictures D:T: not satisfied with the authenticity of the pictures and tho' he seemed to prize them he so often disputed the filiation that I suspect he did not quite give satisfaction"
                    18.5.1835 "called on Aders for catalogue of his pictures for Dawson Turner"
                    25.5.1835 "met with Dawson Turner and with him at Ader's gallery - He underrated the pictures - I hope sadly - what Aders estimates at £10,000 he values at between 2 & 3000 pounds. Something in his manner that displeased me - Probably I displeased him"
                 31.10.1836 Mrs Aders "has written to me to say she sent her circular to Dawson Turner! Distress thus disturbs a naturally excellent understanding"
                   6.11.1836 "I then wrote a letter to D Turner in answer to one I found yesterday at the Athenaeum - Mrs A: had before informed me by letter that she had sent one of her circulars to D: T: He supposing that the letter was written with my knowledge sent a refusal by me - he says and truly that he scarcely knows Mrs A: - that there can be no security given - that he is the father of eight children etc - I in my answer gave D:T: an assurance of my ignorance of her application. I apologised for her so doing on the idea that she thought him rich, a man of letters and a lover of art - She expected sympathy from him tho' a stranger rather than from a mere acquaintance a man of the world and I entered into a short history of my own cionduct. D:T: intimated that he would lend me money to give to A: - This I declined with thanks - I solicited his assistance in the disposal of the pictures. N.B. I did not send to Mr T till Monday and I rewrote and much altered my letter - tho' I wrote in conformity with the above description - I left a note to Mrs Aders giving an account of Mr Turner's letter and my answer (Mrs A: now seems to think I might have asked for £50)"
                   22.3.1838 Robinson wrote to Dawson Turner for advice on how to offer Aders' pictures to the National Gallery and what sum to ask
                   26.3.1838 Dawson Turner's advice "to ask £500 and take £250. This will annoy A: I fear"
Dawson Turner (DNB 1775-1858)