Turner, Hugh

20.5.1808 write to H T
Godwin saw a lot of Thomas Turner around this time, H T may have been his father Hugh Turner, butcher of 11 Leigh St Red Lion Square. Hugh and wife Ann had at least three children June born 1780, Mary born 1782 and Thomas born 1785, all while they were at Dean Street, Holborn. Thomas (who has a person record in GD website) was articled to Thomas Lane as an attorney's clerk in 1800. He was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1811 and called to the bar in 1820.. In 1812 he married the 16 year old Cornelia Pauline Eugenia Chastel de Boinville, said to have been worth £10,000. They had two sons Alfred and Oswald, perhaps twins as both were baptised on the same day at Binfield, Berkshire in 1817. Thomas Turner died at Florence in 1850 and Cornelia died at Paris in 1874. Her son Alfred also living in Paris was her executor. From Thomas Turner's will PCC 1850 it appears that Oswald was considered mentally defective, and that Turner's friend in London who took administration was John Flather, who has a person record in GD website.