Turner, Sharon

11.11.1792 Turner at Pinard's / 11.6.95 Turners at Holcroft's / 16.1.1796 at Carlisle's / 10.1.1797 at Carr's / 24.4.1801 call on Turner (note GD website has coded Godwin's reading for that day to a book by Sharon Turner) / 23.5.1801 Godwin calls on / 19.6.1801 meet (Mackintosh &) Turner / 20.7.1801 postmark of a note from Mr Turner Featherstone Bldgs to Godwin (Abinger c7 f50-1) / 11.1.1805 at Carlisle's Sh Turner / 24.12.1805 meet Sh Turner / 22.1.1806 meet mrs Turner / 1.4.1809 at Sh Turner's with Harwood, Thelwall & £83 / 6.4.1815 Red Cross Library adv Sh Turner / 28.9.1824 call on Sh Turner (not in) / 29.9.1824 call on Sh Turner
Sharon Turner DNB 1768-1847 historian married Mary Watts 18.1.1795 (see Watts, William). Boyle's 1792 S Turner 35 Gt Ormond St, Law List 1798 9 Featherstone Bldgs Holborn. On 4.7.1803 Godwin received a call from Thomas Turner giving his address and the GD website has coded the many plain Turner entries (mostly calls) after that to him, which seems correct, and thereafter Godwin seems to use Sh Turner for Sharon Turner. I suggest that all or some of the plain Turner entries before 1803 are Sharon Turner, because of the Holcroft connection through his wife's family the Wattses, and his being a guest at Carlisle's in 1805 as Sh Turner and in 1797 as plain Turner. Note the one time Godwin dined with him, in 1809, the other two guests were of a distinctly radical tinge and his researches into Anglo-Saxon history had a radical resonance at the time. Mrs Turner in 1806 may have been Sharon Turner's wife, also less likely the mother of Thomas Turner who was visiting Godwin frequently at that time.