Tweddell. Francis

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Francis Tweddell of Essex Street proposed member 16.11.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Augustus Bonney
Possibly the father but more likely the brother of John Tweddell DNB 1769-1799. Francis Tweddell senior was bapt 19.11.1731 at Grindon by Stockton on Tees, Durham son of George Tweddell, who had married Mary Aynsley 19.11.1724 at Hexham, Northumberland. Francis Tweddell of London voted for Clavering in Co. Durham 1761 on a freehold house in Durham St Nicholas, and Francis Tweddell of Threepwood voted for Percy & Middleton in Co. Northumberland in 1774 on land at Threepwood. Francis Tweddell married at Stanhope, Durham 11.7.1768 Jane Westgarth. Their son John (the DNB subject) was born 1.6.1769, their son Francis was born 31.5.1771 and bapt 3.7.1771 at Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, their children Robert and Jane were bapt 30.9.1772 there, and their dau Phillis Ann was bapt 4.10.1781 there. Francis Tweddell subscr 1790 to Speechley's Treatise on the Vine. Francis Tweddell bach = St Clement Danes 24.4.1797 Esther Harrison sp botp banns wits T F Dibdin, R Harrison. Morn Chron 14.12.1802 wife of Francis Tweddell Esq of New Millman St died suddenly in child bed. Esther Tweddell was buried 18.12.1802 at St Marylebone. Newcastle Courant 7.5.1803 Francis Tweddell won £500 damages from John Walter of the Times for a false report that he had impersonated his dead brother to vote for Richard Wharton at the Durham City election in 1802. Wharton was elected but in 1804 his election was declared void, Francis Tweddell stood in his place and was defeated 388 votes to 285. Francis Tweddell otp widower = St George Bloomsbury 15.6.1803 Ann Greenwell sp of St Marylebone by lic. The will PCC 1.12.1808 of Francis Tweddell of Threepwood Northumberland Esq dated 14.3.1805 mentioned his late son John, his son Robert, his son Francis and his wife Ann, his dau Phillis Ann and his dau Jane wife of William Legrew of Edmonton. Francis Tweddell senior had died before 18.11.1805. William Legrew had married Jane Tweddell at Liverpool (license 21.5.1804). Francis Tweddell bur 24.1.1822 Boulogne, France
GODWIN DIARY: 8.11.1795 Tweddel jr at Tooke's / 26.3.1797 Tweddel jr adv at Carlisle's / 29.5.1797 Tweddel jr adv when Godwin went to bail M(arshall) with Montagu / 21.3.1806 Tweddel adv at Carlisle's
Probably a younger brother of John Tweddell DNB 1769-1799 who had gone abroad on 24.9.1795, Most likely Francis Tweddell (see above) and less likely Robert Tweddell born 1772, Trinity College Cambridge, BA 13th wrangler 1796, married Eliza dau of Rev Edward Smith of Limerick