Twiss, Horace

HCR diary 10.12.1820 "Hazlitt, Mrs Horace Twiss & Barry Cornwall were at Montague's and I had a very pleasant lounge there till past 12 o'clock"
                    18.12.1820 at Aders "Mrs Longdale was there without her husband - a beautiful woman and very agreeable - I overheard Mrs Montague speaking disrespectfully of her to Twiss but this is by no means conclusive"
Horace Twiss (DNB 1787-1849). His first wife Anne Lawrence Serle dau of Col Wentworth Serle (born 20.3.1766 son of  Thomas Searle & Dorothea, ensign Coldstream Guards 1782, rode in horse races 1788, Lt 1790, Capt-Lt 1794, Lt Col 88th foot 1795, half pay 106th foot 1798, will PCC 1837. His mother wrote to Earl Fitzwilliam 1.10.1794 on his behalf as he was in debt, He married at St Geo Bloomsbury 23.6.1811)