Tyson 5.1.1800 at John KIng's / 19.1.1800 at Lanesborough's / 26.1.1800 at King's / 29.2.1800 again / 16.3.1800 again / 29.12.1824 Tyson calls
A tenuous connection in that a Gore was present as well as Tyson on 19.1.1800. Richard Tyson will PCC 1821 (exec Sir John Keane baronet of Royal Cres Bath) had been master of ceremonies at Tunbridge Wells, then at the Lower Rooms Bath till James King took over, then at the New Rooms Bath from 1785 in place of  Dawson. Tyson's daughter married 29.11.1794 at Walcot, Bath, Edward 2nd son of late Sir Thomas Butler, 6th baronet, and their daughter Martha Sophia Butler married Arthur Gore at Clifton Glos 17.10.1822, the will also mentioned Thomas Tyson of St Christopher, West Indies / Boyle's 1800 mrs Tyson 89 Norton St, miss Tyson 17 Queen Sq Bloomsbury / Edward Tyson Univ Coll Oxford 1783 age 18 son of Edward Tyson of St Lawrence London who married 26.1.1748 Lichfield, Staffs, Ann Cobb and was buried 6.9.1784 Tottenham Cross, will PCC 1784 of Hatton St, Mx, Ann Tyson widow of Queen Sq will PCC 1794 mentioned son George Francis Tyson, daus Sarah & Mary & brother Francis Cobb dated 15.5.1788 / James Tyson planter of St Christopher, West Indies will PCC 1818 part of property rented from Bertie Greatheed, sisters Margaret, Christian & Elizabeth, brothers Daniel & George, nephew James son of George, nephew Thomas, nieces Sarah, Gertrude & Margaret, and a mestize girl Ann Tyson now in Greenwich for education / Elizabeth Tyson of Bursledon House, Hants will PCC 1819 widow of John Tyson of South Stoneham (will PCC 1815 of Bishops Waltham) / James Tyson gent of Bernard St  Russell Square will PCC 1820 (seen but not noteworthy)