HCR diary 21.4.1820 Robinson's 3rd day back in London "had a long walk - I found neither Miss Vardill nor the Flaxmans nor Aders at home"
                    22.1.1826 Mrs Vardill died Tuesday, Robinson and Drewett execs
                      2.2.1826 "after dinner to Nivens, Miss Flaxman & Miss Denman there"
                    28.9.1826 Robinson visited the Nivens at Kirkcudbright, Scoltand
letter from Mrs Aders in London to HCR in Italy 5.9.1830 (at the Flaxmans) "I was much surprised when calling there about 10 days ago to find Mrs Niven there in widows weeds with her little girl a lovely child but I fear too much petted" ..."The fears about that dreadful complaint which it was supposed she had, seem to be (by Miss Flaxman's acct) subsided - what she intends to do or where to live in future I have not yet heard"
HCR diary 3.2.1834 "to the Denmans - a party there - Mrs Niven, Aders & Kay, Dr Drewett etc - but there was nothing particular"
                 13.9.1843 "to Miss Denman's where was Mrs Niven who is going to Italy. I recommended her to stay two winters for the sake of completing her daughter's knowledge of Italian. They go straight to Florence where Mrs Aders is and my hope is that they will take upon their residence with the Aders. This I have hinted to Mrs N. and I have also suggested to her that if she finds the As agreeable Mr A could very well teach Agnes German - Mrs A would render Agnes great service in giving her a good taste both in Musick and Painting - Mrs N. can afford to pay liberally for all this and so all parties will be great gainers - I have some hope that all this will come to pass and if so I shall have great pleasure in having been the instrument to bring this about"
                 14.9.1843 "I rose early and wrote a letter to Mrs Niven, not informing her of my expectations as to Mrs A but merely mentioning her coming and that I wish the Aders may be able to accomodate the Nivens"
               11.12.1843 Miss Denman "had sent me letters from Mrs Aders and Mrs Niven" Mrs Aders "is overgrateful to me for having introduced Mrs Niven to her with whom she hopes to go to Rome - But Aders is ill which may disturb all her hopes - I hope my well meant ntroduction will turn out well, but I begin to have doubts and fears"
               15.12.1843 "writing both to Mrs Niven and Mrs Aders, letters which I do not on revision like, and shall perhaps not send, for in them I rather too strongly expressed to Mrs A my not relishing her picture and to Mrs Niven my wish that she would write a letter about herself and not full of mere description of place"
               18.12.1843 Miss Denman "She did not disapprove of what I wrote about the description in Mrs Niven's letters or Mrs Aders' pictures - so I finished my letters"
                   8.2.1844 "wrote to Mrs Niven at Naples" Mrs Aders "stays at Florence in consequence of Aders' ill health" ..."she wishes to follow Mrs N: to Rome but she is hampered by Miss Lawrence"... "I fear the connection with Mrs Niven is broken"
                 22.5.1844 "to Miss Denman where I found Mrs Niven on her return from Rome"
                 20.6.1844 "wrote also to Mrs Niven who enquires about Mrs Aders. She will perhaps go abroad again which I shall be glad to hear"
                 3.10.1844 "to Miss Denman's where Mrs Niven staid on her way thro' London. She goes to Paris straight and means to spend the winter there"
                  1.11.1844 "wrote a letter to Mrs Niven"
                 12.3.1846 Mrs Aders got some money from Mrs Niven "Mrs N's generosity is the principal cause of her forming the plan to gp to Rome"
See my Background Article "3 Wives, 3 Husbands Living" for the connection between the Vardills and Mrs Aders' father John Raphael Smith (DNB 1751-1812). See Anna Jane Vardill (DNB 1781-1852 in the online version only). She married James Niven in 1822 and he died in 1830. Their daughter Agnes was born in 1825