Vaughan, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Vaughan of Mincing Lane proposed member 1.9.1780 bu John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen
See wikipedia. because DNB doesn't feature him I assembled the following before realising wikipedia have a good article on him. Born 23.4.1720 twelfth and youngest child of Benjamin Vaughan who had married Ann Wollf at Dublin 19.11.1700. His older brother William was made free of Scriveners Co London by redemption 28.4.1727 son of Benjamin Vaughan merchant of Waterford Ireland, and Samuel was appr to his brother William in Scriveners Co 27.9.1736. Both his parents Benjamin & Ann died in 1741. Samuel married at Boston, Massachusetts on 1.2.1748 Sarah dau of Benjamin Hallowell, merchant and Vaughan's business partner. Directory 1759 merchant Dunsters Court, Mincing Lane. Subscr 2 gns to Magdalen Hospital 1759. Member Socy for Encouragement of Arts &c 1761. Subscr 1764 to Bulkley's Oeconomy, subscr 1 gn 1764 to Socy for Relieving poor Germans in England, Governor of London Hospital 1765, subscr 1766 to Webb's Sermons, Guardian of Asylum for Orphan Girls 1769, subscr to Leland's Discourses 1769. In the 1760s Vaughan was a member of the Society of Supporters of the Bill of Rights and of the Club of Honest Whigs and a friend of John Wilkes (DNB 1725-1797), see his son's DNB article Benjamin Vaughan 1751-1835. Vaughan's "Refutation of a False Aspersion" 1769 concerning his dealings in Jamaica in 1749 to 1752 and his "Appeal to the Public" 1770 concerning a case in Kings Bench 27.11.1769 where Vaughan was accused of attempting to bribe the Prime Minister, 3rd Duke of Grafton (DNB 1735-1811) to allot a legal office in Jamaica. were published by the Dilly brothers. The case aginst Vaughan was dropped after Grafton resigned (Middx Journal 10.2.1770). Whether the bribe was meant as a trap for Grafton I'm not clear (see Letters of Junius). Subscr 1771 to Scott's Book of Job, Governor of Lying-In Charity 1772. Joseph Priestley's Education 1778 dedicated to him. Director of Humane Society 1781. Committee for relief of West Indian calamities 1781. Subscr to Rack's Essaya 1781.Vaughan lived in Philadelphia for several years and laid out the gardens of the State House there (Wansey 1796 p.131). In 1786 he was vice-president of the American Philosophical Society there. Subscr to Geo Walker's Sermons 1790. Member Unitarian Society, Hackney 1791. Died at Brighton 4.12.1802 (Morning Post 7.12.1802) and was buried 10.12.1802 St Dunstan in the East, London His widow Sarah was buried there 21.12.1809. His will PCC 16.2.1803 hers PCC 29.12.1809. His two eldest sons Benjamin and William were both SCI members, his other sons John (American National Biography1756-1841) of Philadelphia, Charles 1759-1839 of Hallowell, Massachusetts, and Samuel 1762-1827 judge in Jamaica (see His daughters Ann 1757-1847 married 1784 at New York John Darby but lived in England, Sarah 1761-1818, Barbara Eddy 1764-1820, (both died spinsters and were buried with their parents), Rebecca 1766-1851 married 1798 at Hackney John Merrick, Unitarian minister, their son Samuel Vaughan Merrick (American National Biography 1801-1870)