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13.4.1810 dine at St Paul's, w. Wakefield, Knowles &c / 5.11.1813 call on Place; adv. Wakefield / 28.2.1814 Place, Wakefield, &c call / 3.3.1814 again / 19.4.1814 call on Place: adv. Wakefield / 27.4.1816 (at Grasmere) call, w. Wordsworth, on Jackson; adv. Wakefield
Probably Edward Wakefield DNB 1774-1854 (or one of his family). The DNB says he formed a close friendship with Francis Place, who was next to him in the diary in all four entries above from 1813 and 1814. The first entry above in 1810 could as well have been his brother Daniel Wakefield DNB 1776-1846 barrister who had once been employed in the Navy Office like John Knowles. The 1816 entry was more likely John Wakefield of Kendal will PCC 1822 or Jacob Wakefield of Kendal will PCC 1844 at the house of the Rev Thomas Jackson, rector of Grasmere, died 1.6.1822