HCR DIARY 29.6.1832 "to Aders. Mrs A: I saw - she wants me to speak to Mr Walter about their pictures believing it would be quite sufficient to induce him to become a purchaser - I believe they are altogether under a mistake as to his taste and inclination etc but I can have no objection to do what they wish"
John Walter (DNB 1776-1847)
GODWIN DIARY 17.11.1808 Walter (Herd) called / 27.1.1812 adv. Walter at Coleridge's Lecture / 14.3.1814 Walter (Ts) calls
A John Walter was principal proprietor, along with Thomas Hurlstone, of the Morning Herald in 1808 (see Sun 6.7.1808 and Nat Arch TS11/44/162), and this was presumably John Walter DNB 1776-1847, as his father had retired by then. So Herd and Ts probably meant Herald and Times, and the same person