HCR diary 14.2.1821 "I went after nine to the Aders - I found Miss Flaxman and Miss Denman, a Frenchwoman agreeable as a Frenchwoman can be - and the young Watsons"
                    18.2.1821 at the Aders "the Watsons there"
                    25.2.1822 Mrs Aders on night of coronation 19.7.1821 "was called by Miss Watson into the back drawing room to see a ball or luminous body which had ben let off at Hampstead"
                    9.12.1823 "at 7 I went to Aders - found Mrs Aders and Miss Watson and had an unusually agreeable visit - a friendly gossip about themselves etc. etc."
                    23.2.1825 "at Aders were only Miss Watson" (and two others)
letter from Mrs Aders in London to Robinson in Italy 14.12.1830 "The family of the Watsons have been among the most affectionate in my griefs. Ellen Watson is here and says if I close the letter without giving her love she will punish me severely, so that she absolutely has put me in bodily fear, and I cannot bring an action against her now that you have left business and cannot defend my cause"
HCR diary 4.11.1833 at Aders "Young Watson of the War Office came in"
                    11.7.1836 Mrs Aders blue stocking party "Watsons (4)"
                      2.7.1842 "left my card at the Watsons in Craven St"
                      3.7.1842 "call on the Watsons to tell them of my intention about Mrs A. I told them everything They expressed themselves very kindly but intimated their means were limited - Still I have no doubt they will do something"
                    13.9.1842 letter "to Mr Watson to whom I sent the two cheques"
                    20.9.1842 "had a letter from Mr Watson informing me that he had received the money for the cheques"
                    12.3.1843 "called on the Watsons - I saw only Miss Juliet. We talked about the Aders"
                    21.3.1843 "callfrom Daniel Watson, a benevolent friend of the Aders. He had heard of their present residence & rejoiced in being told by me of the permission to reside in Florence. He has correct notions about both"
                    13.4.1844 (yesterday) "called on Watson at the War Office and gave him £10 for Mrs Aders which he tells me she has already written for"
                    22.9.1844 "called at Watson's about a picture he has received from Mrs Aders for me , but he was not at home"
                    4.10.1844 "called at Watson's and no-one being at home went to Miss Watson's. Gave the younger sister £10, my Michaelmas subscription. Then at the house looked at the picture she had sent me"..."Poor Mrs Aders wrote lately a letter to Mr D Watson which he read to me - she anticipated her annuity"
                    1.11.1844 "saw Mr Watson who told me he had sent the picture to Mr Rogers"... "Mr W: has heard from Mrs A: nothing new has occurred"
                    28.3.1845 "N. B. I gave D Watson £10 subscription for Mrs Aders"
                    18.4.1845 "called at the Watsons where I found that a more chearful letter had come from Mrs Aders"
                    18.1.1846 "called on the Miss Watsons and gave them £10 for Mrs Aders"
                      4.2.1846 Robinson gave cheque to Watson
                    18.9.1846 "found the Miss W's at home and gave him the £35 for Mrs A:"..."The ladies were unable to give me any further account of Mrs A:"
1.9.1848 Eliza Kelly widow's pension authorised to commence from 1.7.1848 at £50 p.a. paid to David Watson, 1, Alfred Pl, Brompton. Nat Arch ADM 1/5594 "This poor lady has been with me accompanied by a Gentleman from the War Office who fully corroborates all she has stated"
HCR Reminiscences 19.10.1857 Mrs Aders "Besides a pension as the widow of an officer - her first husband Col Kelly - My own opinion was that she was not in law entitled to this annuity - not accordg to the spirit of the Army regulations - but no enquiry was made - She had kind friends who told all they thought proper - And were not questioned further" (note Kelly was a naval officer not in the army)
Will PCC 1800 of David Watson of St Margaret Westminster, mentioned sons David & Henry & dau Margaret Walker. David Watson otp bach = St Margaret Westminster 22.7.1793 Ann Mary Underwood of St Luke sp, a minor by lic with consent of her father wits Alexr Copland, Rebecca Watson. Children of David & Ann Mary Watson bapt St Margaret Westminster David born 22.3.1796 bapt 17.4.1796, Ann Isabella born 3.1.1797 bapt 1.1.1798, Frances Janod born 23.7.1799 bapt 14.8.1799, Henry born 20.8.1801 bapt 15.9.1801, Eleanor born 2.6.1804 bapt 2.6.1804, William born 1.10.1807 bapt 30.10.1807, Juliet Mary born 5.5.1809 bapt 1.6.1809. Will PCC 9.1.1811 of David Watson of St Margaret Westminster, mentioned wife Ann Mary, sisters Mrs Walker, Mrs Woodmiston, Mrs Henry Watson and brother Mr Henry Watson, John Watson Esq of Torryburn, Fifeshire, execs his wife, John Kershaw of 31 Walcot Pl, Lambeth, and William Walker of James St, Covent Garden, dated 2.11.1810.  David Watson Esq of John St, Berkeley Sq married at Brunswick, Germany 22.7.1844 Victoire-Marthe dau of late Henry William Henry Cole Esq of Brunswick. 1851 census 1, Alfred Pl West, Brompton David Watson married age 54 clerk, War Office, Horse Guards born St Mgt Westmr, Victoria M wife age 36 born Germany British Subject, Victoria C dau age 6, Harriet A dau age 3, David H son age 1, a cook, a housemaid and a nurse